Automated Cheque Drop Box
Linear Actuator
Thermal Printer Control Module
USB Host
Web – Guiding System
(Edge & Line guide)
RGB Colour Sensor – Module
Ultrasound Edge Sensor
Micro Stepping Driver
DC Motor PWM Driver Board
We offer a variety of services at almost any level you need to get the job done.

Custom Logics combines different domain expertise along with a willingness to go beyond merely following the standard blueprints for product design.  Not only do we provide superior design services and results but we investigate alternative design paths as an ongoing process.  The information that follows is a brief look at the areas we feel are vital to bringing product design projects to successful conclusion.

When you have a concept in mind and need someone to make it a reality, Custom Logics guarantees success.  With more than 6 years of engineering excellence and product design expertise, we focus on providing end-to-end solutions for the customer in complex embedded areas.

We simplify and implement complex technologies to fit your needs.  We have a strong track record of project completion and of delivering a quality product.

Hardware design is the backbone of any embedded project. Custom Logics has vast experience in developing Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal and Power Circuit Design. Board designs in cutting-edge high-speed digital or low noise analog signal paths can make or break an embedded system. At Custom Logics we take great pains at the initial design stage itself to ensure that our designs work in the noisiest of industrial environments and at the same time conform to or are within EMI/EMF radiation standards.
  1. Microcontroller Based designs (MSP430, ARM, PIC, 8051 derivatives)
  2. Analog signal paths (High speed Opamp designs - Filters, Gain stages)
  3. Mixed signal (ADCs, DACs)
  4. Power electronics (SMPS)
  5. Motion Control (Stepper Motor Driver, PWM - DC motor driver)

Custom Logics
has a large amount of design of firmware on various hardware platform like–
  • 16 bit microcontrolers
    • Texas Instruments -- MSP430  family
    • Microchips -- PIC 16-bit family
  • 32 bit microcontrollers
    • Microchips --  PIC 32 family
  •  ARM core microcontrollers
    • Luminary micro(now Texas Instruments) – Stalaris ARM Cortex M3 family
    • Philps LPC family
  • Legacy 8 bit microcontrolers
    • Microchips -- PIC 8-bit family
    • Atmel - 8051 derivatives
  • LCD – Graphic and Character modules
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Communication Protocols
    • USB
    • Serial
    • Modbus
    • CAN
    • RS-232
    • RS-422
    • RS- 485
  • User interface / Menu driven systems
  • Signal processing algorithms
  • Motion control algorithms

In today’s world, most embedded hardware systems need some kind of communication/support to the PC. We provide system integration and software support for PC base GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Preferred platforms:  VB6, VB.NET.

GUI Applications :

  • Standalone - Master / Slave System - Software / Hardware integration
  • Hardware setup utilities
  • Firmware update utilities
  • Hardware monitoring station

Custom Logics has the in house expertise for applications needing interfacing with other engineering fields - mechanical + electrical + embedded electronics or PLC based + PC software.

Application :

  • 3-axis motion control with PC based GUI
  • Remote hardware control and monitoring using RS485 (MODBUS) and PC based GUI

Custom Logics also extends manufacturing support for low to medium scale production.
We take care of everything - right from the hassles of component sourcing to fully functional and tested PCB.

The client gets the assembled and tested PCB’s delivered to their doorstep, ready to be plugged into the end product.