Automated Cheque Drop Box
Linear Actuator
Thermal Printer Control Module
USB Host
Web – Guiding System
(Edge & Line guide)
RGB Colour Sensor – Module
Ultrasound Edge Sensor
Micro Stepping Driver
DC Motor PWM Driver Board
  Key Features

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  • Up to 10 KHz PWM frequencies
  • 5V to 40V Continuous operation
  • Under voltage shutdown
  • Fault status output
  • Hardware limit control(for actuator)
Microcontroller Interface
  Refer Product Manual For Truth Table
  PWM Control inputs : Left, Right, Enable
  Limit inputs : (optional) Left, Right Limit
  Output : Fault signal
Electrical Specs
  Supply : 5V to 40VDC
  Peak Current : 5A
  • DC motor control with hardware limits (Eg: linear actuator (LA-03)